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Restrict access to both the point-of-sale system as well as to the network. While it is virtually impossible to avoid every vulnerability and be completely hacker-proof, the iPad iOS has taken strides to enhance security.

iPad-based POS systems are used by small business and big retailers alike. Here are a few of the unique protocols it has in place:

  • iOS places strict dividers between applications to prevent a hack on any one app from affecting the other applications on the same device. For example, if one employee opens an email with a virus in it, other applications on the device are protected.
  • Through strict code signing, Apple ensures all applications on its devices are secure.
  • No outside security software is needed: All applications have built-in protections against malware, viruses and other hacking methods.
  • If a hack on the system is successful, the POS system remains untouchable because only one application is able to run at a time. This makes iOS a unique system that protects itself from malicious attacks.

The good news about POS intrusions is that most are preventable. Look for a secure system that supports updates. A small business owner should consider two main features when on the lookout for a point-of-sale solution: a secure iOS-based system and the exclusive use of PCI-DSS-compliant hardware. Both are available in a solution like QuickBooks Point of Sale.

A secure network, the right software, hardware and protocols allow POS security to be an afterthought for business owners. With security off the front burner, you can get back to focusing on all of the things you love doing that make your small business great. For more ways to keep your business secure, check out our article on protecting your business against data theft and fraud.

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