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Note that this comparison is between the Foodman Server-Station system and Aldelo Dine-in. Aldelo is typical of the POS systems on the market. Our comments would apply equally to most of the other systems. The following image is of the Foodman TouchScreen. Note that there are 54 buttons on the screen. The buttons are easy to set-up, easy-to-read, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, fast and efficient. The following is the Aldelo Server Screen. Before we continue, we want to make a point about the use of icons on POS touchscreens. Having a picture on the button for a chicken dish is cute, but what do I do when I have four chicken dishes? Aldelo uses the same icon for several different dishes. Because the icons are so generic, it is essential to have the name of the item on the button. So, to a degree, the icon is useless. So if the icons are useless, why bother with them? The answer, of course, is to make the software more 'attractive' to the prospective buyer and, therefore, easier to sell. Additionally, you will have extra work when setting up your menu if you use icons. So, why bother with them? Before you buy, you should find out what it is like to do your menu. Or, does Aldelo do it for you, and if so at what cost? You can call Aldelo at 877-639-8767 to ask them about creating your menu. Be aware that Aldelo says the following on their website: "Creating a restaurant menu database is easy but could be time consuming. If you don't have the time to spend on menu programming or not sure if you can design the menu efficiently, then let our experienced programmers help you." We spent some considerable time reading their 359-page PDF manual and trying to figure out how to add new items to the menu, etc. There are 21 pages devoted to Menu creation in the PDF manual. We spent some time trying to work with the Menu. There are a total of nine different screens (plus, several subordinate screens) pertaining to the Menu in Aldelo, they are: Menu Categories, Pizza Builder Setup, Modifier Builder Setup, Menu Groups, Menu Items, Menu Items Auto Prices, Menu Modifiers, Forced Modifiers, Pizza Builder. By Contrast, Foodman uses one screen. Different...

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