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7 Steps to Set Up a Credit Card MachineIn order to do business in a competitive environment, companies need a way to process credit cards. Typically, cash transactions do not present a problem, but when it comes to using credit cards, if you own a business it is important that you set up yourcredit card machine correctly, including both digital and manual credit card machines. Before buying a credit card machine, make sure to check with your merchant service to see if they support the credit card machine you want to use, and after you have, you can find a wide range of different credit card machines at local office supply stores or from many top sellers on eBay.

How to Set Up a Credit Card Machine

Setting up a credit card machine might seem intimidating at first, but by following a few simple steps, you can do it relatively painlessly. For the most part, setting up a credit card machines, such as the Hypercom T7Plus and the Verifone VX510, is no more difficult than setting up a phone line is.

Step 1

You can begin by setting up the phone line that you plan to use for the credit card machine. While you do not necessarily need to use a dedicated line, use one that is reliable. For instance, some choose use a fax line for their credit card machine.

Step 2

As soon as you receive your credit card machine, inspect it for damage. You need to make sure that the device is repaired properly if it is not new. Some credit card leasing companies do not always correctly repair their equipment or replace a broken one, so checking beforehand can save you a headache later.

Step 5

Insert the roll of thermal paper into the reservoir located at the bottom or back of the machine. This depends largely on the model you own, so read the owner's manual for more information on how to change it.

Step 6

Next, place the free end of the thermal paper roll into the printer's receiver slot and press the button to feed or advance the roll into the proper position. Some machines allow you to perform a printing test, so you can perform this if you prefer.

Step 7

Finally, before using your credit card machine, test it using a personal or business card. If an error occurs, contact customer service for the company from which you bought the machine, as this is necessary so that you can have a faulty machine replaced if necessary.

Types of Credit Card Terminals

Terminals are where you enter the actual pins, actions, and amounts, and a few different types of terminals exist, including traditional, wireless, or virtual credit card terminals.

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