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Several members of Radiant's channel sales team have recently dedicated some of their time spent on the road visiting customers to filming interviews with restaurant employees about their experiences and perceptions of Radiant's restaurant technology solution. While many of these employees share various accolades about Aloha and how it makes their jobs easier to perform, one common theme that has surfaced in each interview is how quickly and easily employees can learn how to operate the system.

While some comment that it took them just a couple days to figure out Aloha's technology on their own, many restaurants today have also created POS training programs that take advantage of the unique training capabilities built into the Aloha software. Scott Morgan, director of information technology at Mama Fu's Franchise Group was recently published in Hospitality Technology magazine for the success his company has seen with their employee training program for Aloha POS. Here are a few of Morgan's tips on how Mama Fu's takes advantage of Aloha's built-in training features.

* Practice makes perfect. Mama Fu's lets employees practice entering orders on the point of sale using Aloha's training mode so that they can become familiar with all aspects of the system without affecting operations.

* User-friendly interfaces are key. The simplicity of Aloha's user interface is easy for management staff to configure and employees to operate. While staff can easily navigate the system to enter orders, modifiers and customer payments, Mama Fu's also utilizes Aloha's ability to display menu item recipes and photos, which allow employees to learn the restaurant's menu and the ingredients in dishes faster.

* Update menu modifiers. Aloha's POS technology gives restaurant operators the ability to create modifiers for all menu items. These modifiers become a guide to employees to help them learn what ingredients are in each item that can be removed or put on the side. Taking the time to create modifiers for all items not only helps employees navigate the point of sale faster, but it also helps them learn the restaurant's menu quickly.

* Learn the capabilities of your POS system. Mama Fu's has been able to create a successful POS training program that is consistent across all if its locations simply by learning about and taking advantage of the training features offered within the Aloha technology.

Aloha POS system user Manual

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Aloha POS manual